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Concept modelling

Form based through to realistic rendering

Project Management

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Architectural Design…

Not all architecture is about strange shapes and angled walls! Our focus is on providing the best possible design for our clients whilst ensuring that the end product provides a comfortable and desirable place to live in. We believe in using design techniques to reduce the need for heating and cooling and strive to always achieve a 7 star or higher building energy rating.

Council Approval

Sometimes having well detailed plans is simply not enough to get your new home approved by your local council. We have worked with many Tasmanian councils and are well versed in ensuring that the approvals process is simple and smooth for our clients. Our experience ranges from town houses, coastal homes through to medium sized commercial developments including sub-divisions.

Project management

Have you ever heard someone say “I am never building again, it was so stressful and so much work!” We are here to act on your behalf right from the first sketch. Not only will we design, document and obtain council approval, but we will also manage the tender process to a minimum of three builders to ensure that our clients always receive the best possible price. We will act as your agents on the ground during construction as well so that you can simply relax while your new home is put together piece by piece.

Contract drafting

While we can of course manage the whole process, we also offer a straight drafting service. This is designed for people who have a strong design vision for their new home, but do not possess the skills to accurately document their design for council approvals. This service could also be used by local design firms requiring temporary contract drafting.